Get by with a little help from your friends

FACT: Getting active and taking part on regular exercise boosts both physical and mental wellbeing. But how can we continue to get the best out of our performances in the gym? Is it through diet? Is it based on what time you go to sleep? Maybe your muscles are just still sore from previous workout? […]

COVID update


Date: 07 May 2020 AN UPDATE FROM OUR FOUNDER & CEO To our NRG Family Members, As we enter our seventh week of temporary gym closure, I wanted to provide an update on what’s been happening at NRG GYM as we look towards plans for post-lockdown. First and foremost, it’s you, our NRG community, that […]

Isolated? Here’s How To Keep Up The Momentum

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In these uncertain times, you will be more than likely unable to attend the gym due to isolation. But we don’t want you to lose all the momentum you’ve built up or struggle to maintain your results. There are plenty of exercises you can do from home using your own body weight or things you […]

Let’s Talk About Hygiene

Hand Being Washed In Water

When it comes to gym hygiene, it really should be common sense, but sometimes people need a little reminder about how to keep the gym a nicer place to be, for everyone. The recent coronavirus has given many people a bit of a boost with their hygiene and how to keep their germs to themselves. […]

Exercising With Chronic Pain

Man With A Pain In His Neck And Lower Back

For people with chronic pain, whether it be caused by a condition or an injury, exercise can be daunting and full of fear. You may be unsure what exercise is safe, what might make it worse or if it could help improve your pain. These are all things that you definitely need to consider and […]

How Stress Can Effect Your Weight Loss

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We all experience stress in our lives in one form or another, sometimes we aren’t’ even aware that we are stressed, but our bodies certainly are. We often think that stress would cause us to lose weight, and yes, sometimes that is true, but it can most definitely result in weight gain. I think the […]

5 Vitamins to Help with Energy Levels

5 Vitamins to Help with Energy Levels

1. Vitamin B12B12 is naturally found in animal proteins such as fish, meat and dairy. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you may be lacking in this vitamin and as a result, become deficient. B vitamins help transform the food we eat into energy that our cells can use for everyday functions, if you […]

What’s All This About Whey?

What's All This About Whey

Let’s start with answering the question of what whey is. So when you process milk to make cheese; whey is the liquid that is left-over from curdling the milk, the curds go off to make cheese, and the whey liquid is used in many ways across different industries. When it comes to the fitness industry, […]

How Exercise Can Help Take Care of Your Brain

How Exercise Can Help Take Care of Your Brain

I think most people know by now that exercise is good for us, and not just for the more obvious parts of our bodies. Our brain can benefit substantially from regular exercise, and not only from a mental health perspective but physically as well. Research has shown that regular aerobic exercise, getting your heart rate […]

It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

It's A Marathon Not A Sprint

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, it really is a marathon and not a sprint. The slower you lose weight, the more likely you are to keep it off. And the slower you increase the weight you’re lifting or length of your workout, the less likely you are to hurt yourself. It has […]