Fast Food – Does it all have to be bad?

Fast Food - Does it all have to be bad

Does this even exist?! Yes, it does, just make sure you put a little thought into what you’re going to choose and you’ll find there is something just as tasty but with less of the guilt on the menu.
We all love a bit of fast food occasionally, sometimes it’s the only thing we can manage after a busy day or a long journey. You don’t have to cut everything you like or want out of your diet because you’re trying to be ‘healthy’ or to support your gym routine. Everything in moderation. But if you want to keep the ‘naughty’ treat as ‘nice’ as possible, then have a scan through the menu and you’ll find the things that hold less calories than the others.
Let’s start with McDonald’s shall we. So, many of you will love a good Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger, but they do have things on the menu that will satisfy your craving but be lower in calories and boost your protein for the day. At the moment they have a range of wraps and if you ask for the grilled chicken rather than the crispy, this can knock around 130-150 calories off your meal! They also have salads available which range from 133-315 calories. The chicken wraps also contain between 20-30g of protein which is great for your daily intake.
Next, we can take a look at Domino’s. Pizza has to be one of the nation’s favourite fast foods and when you hear its name you automatically think FATTENING. However, if you think about the size of pizza you really need to eat and what you want on it, you can have this tasty friend for a lot less of the sin. So a ‘personal’ original cheese and tomato pizza with classic crust has 526 calories in total and 17.8g of protein, compared to a large which has 580 calories per 3 slices! If you fancy something a little more interesting then the ‘personal’ Mighty Meaty with classic crust has 621 calories and 24.5g of protein! They also stated that their dough is unbleached and high in protein as well as the fact they offer their ‘delight’ cheese which has a third less fat than standard mozzarella.
Lastly, we can check out the good old Indian takeaway. Definitely not the place you would normally scrimp on the calories but it can be done. The best advice with this one is to avoid the creamy curries like korma, marsala and passanda, but instead go for the tandoori, tikka or bhuna. Try poppadoms instead of a naan as they are only 65 calories each opposed to around 300 calories, and avoid the mango chutney and lime pickle but go for the cucumber raita and tomato sambal instead. Then simple plain rice, if you really need it. Everything will still taste just as delicious but you won’t be feeling so guilty afterwards.
The moral of the story is really to enjoy a bit of what you like, but be mindful. Don’t undo all your hard work for one cheeky treat.