Nutritional Benefits of Pumpkins - NRG Gym Health Advice

As everyone who’s not yet gone to the “other side” well and truly knows, it’s Halloween this week! Each year it just gets bigger and bolder.

Of course, it’s good to get scared once in a while as dopamine and adrenaline flood into us – and that increases the heart rate and muscles get a boost as we prepare for fight or flight. The dressing up and socialising are also great for our health and wellbeing, as being happy and having fun is a fantastic boost.

Apple bobbing is a traditional game played at this time of year, when a bowl is filled with water and an apple is put in to float. Then – no hands allowed! – participants have to try to catch one with their teeth. An apple gives you vitamin B7 to help break down fat, vitamins A and C to boost the immune system, vitamin K for blood clotting, plus iodine that contributes to healthy thyroid function.

Then there seems to be pumpkins everywhere you look. Don’t just carve one to look ghoulish – eat one as well! For instance, a hearty bowl of tasty pumpkin soup will give you potassium, fibre and vitamin C.

So this Halloween, don’t be a zombie (unless that’s your fancy dress outfit!), get out there, socialise and enjoy yourselves, eat well – and raise your spirits!