Grow a mo this Movember, and you can help stop men dying too young.

That’s right, Movember is a few days on the go now, and you may have noticed more men wearing various hirsute appendages below their noses, all in the name of a fantastic cause to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. You may be one of them and so right now are reading this while twiddling away with your new facial addition! Well done if that is you.

It’s a fun way to help a very serious issue. Growing a moustache to raise awareness like this was started by a couple of Australian chaps in 1999 and swiftly spread around the world. It has successfully highlighted men’s health issues, such as testicular cancer, male suicide and prostate cancer.

At present though far too many blokes remain in denial about family history of such as cancer, and don’t bother seeing a doctor about any potential health problems. There’s also the fact that less men open up emotionally about problems, and if they don’t express this then it’s very hard for anyone to help and offer a solution – and there always is a solution to a mental health problem.

Obviously getting to the gym is a fantastic boost to the health and wellbeing of any man (or women). So we really hope to see you with us soon! If you have one, bring your mo!

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