Keeping every member of
our tribe safe

At NRG GYMS, the safety of our members and staff is our #1 priority.

we are proud to have built up communities, our NRG Tribes, that are united by a common passion for health, fitness and well-being.

We work hard every day, to create a positive, welcoming atmosphere within our gyms that our members feel happy and safe in; somewhere that you want to visit and feel proud to be a part of.

That’s why we take any allegations of harassment or inappropriate behaviour very seriously. At all NRG GYMS we have a 100% no tolerance policy for any behaviour that negatively impacts our members or staff. It is not acceptable and all reports of such behaviour will be investigated and acted upon.

We are here for you. This is your gym and we want you to enjoy every experience at NRG GYM and it is our job to provide a safe and comfortable environment, for everyone, no matter who you are and irrespective of your gender, sexuality, ethnicity or disability.

We are one tribe and proud to be part of our local communities, welcoming everyone to our gyms to use our facilities, take part in our classes and become part of our community.

What to do if you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour

If you have any concerns you wish to share, please visit the front desk and speak to a member of the team who will do all that they can to assist and support you.

We want every member of our community to feel welcome and safe when visiting the gym. If for whatever reason you do not, then please speak to us. Any conversations will be treated in absolute confidence with the utmost sensitivity.

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