You are what you eat

Mental Benefits of National Baking Week - NRG Gym Advice

This week it’s National Baking Week – so time to get baking!

It’s not just about taste and eating either:

Baking is a feast of nostalgia for the senses, recreating happy childhood memories. Just think of the aroma of freshly baked cakes or bread… Mmmmmm!

It’s creative and fun – and that means when we bake we’re focussed on the now, which is always positive for mental wellbeing.

You can choose to eat healthily as you know exactly what’s in everything going in the oven. You’ll also know what is not going in such as preservatives, colourings or suspect additives…

If you have children, get messy, as the kids will love it, and so will you! If you’ve not got children, get messy anyway!

It’s a cliche because it’s true: “you are what you eat”. So by baking you can create something to eat that will help make a healthier you (and anyone who eats it). Bake yourself a tasty and healthy treat! Feel free to bring a slice or two for us to try…