It’s Underway


Already? Yes, there’s only around one more week until the Christmas school holidays get under way.

For those with children, now is your last full week than to go as you please, including having some vital “me time” at the gym. You just know you’re going to need your energy levels and fitness to be top rate during the holidays – to keep up with all those excited children, as well as family visits and so on. For those without children, you’re going to see many more kids around, so you need to be on your toes too!

Here are some suggestions for when the holidays start that will keep both you and the children active and happy:

  • Go for a walk. In the park, around town, by the sea or in the countryside – and don’t let the great British winter weather stop you!
    Ride a bike. See the above “Go for a walk” for suggestions on where to pedal! And, again, don’t let the great British weather stop you!
  • Visit a museum or go to the theatre (panto anyone?!). Even a walk around a shopping centre is physically beneficial, although watch out for stress levels caused by noise and crowds (not to mention the children wanting you to buy them everything!).
  • Do some family teamwork by putting up the decorations together, and go for a stroll to personally deliver Christmas cards to nearby family and friends. Although we suggest that you really don’t have a mince pie at every single house you visit…!

Then, you might well still need a bit of “me time” – and we’re always here for you at our gyms 24/7!