Month: July 2018

Get fitter when training side by side

We see plenty of friends join our gyms together. There are fantastic reasons to as it means both encourage each other to go, and push each other to achieve more when they’re there – and so get fitter when training side by side. Plus it’s more fun! That’s on the way, during and afterwards as you warm down together.

Schools Out

School’s out (for what seems) forever! At least for many schools in the UK it’s the beginning of several weeks of holidays. And who doesn’t remember the joy felt at the start of the school summer holidays? Didn’t those holidays when you were a child just stretch on and on, days of endless fun…

World Chocolate Day

It’s a day for all things cocoa-based. And while chocolate may often contain a large number of calories and be loaded with too much sugar it also has considerable health benefits – as well as being just about the tastiest stuff on the planet!