World Cup Final

Health Benefits of Playing Football - NRG Gym Advice

You are either love this year’s World Cup football fest in Russia – or can’t wait for it to end! If you fall into the latter category, don’t worry, because it is nearly over…

However, if you’re loving it, you’ll know the best bits are about to come! This week sees the semi-finals (on the 10th and 11th), third place play-off (14th), and then the big one – the World Cup Final on the 15th.

Whatever you think of it, everyone can see those players have fitness that’s beyond belief – true athletes.

But if you think it’s just about running after a ball and falling over a bit, here are some football fitness facts that might get you watching the next match you see in a different light.

  • Playing football lowers body fat, improves muscle tone and builds bone strength, as well as increasing flexibility and endurance.
  • Constant walking, jogging and sprinting provides brilliant cardiovascular exercise.
  • It’s excellent for improving stamina. Playing for 90 minutes does that. The average player runs five to seven miles in each match!
  • Soccer helps boost concentration because it’s played at such a pace.
  • Feel-good endorphins released during and after a match are big stress and anxiety busters.

No wonder they call football “the beautiful game”. Enjoy the World Cup Final!