Cycle, Cycle, Cycle

How Cycling Can Benefit Your Health - NRG Gym Health Advice

This year’s Tour de France – the 105th no less! – is now in its last week. More than 170 riders set off on 7th July to see who can ride 2,069 miles fastest over all sorts of terrain.

In recent years, cycling has grown massively in popularity. No wonder, as it only takes a few hours a week to notice a great improvement to your health and fitness.

Whether on the roads, riding off-road or on a stationary bike at the gym, cycling is a great exercise because:

  • It’s a fantastic muscle workout, using all the major muscle groups.
  • It is great for stamina, cardiovascular fitness and will decrease body fat.
  • It will strengthen your bones.
  • Due to being low impact, it causes less strain than many other sports.
  • It decreases stress levels and so reduces anxiety and depression.

So why not get on your bike down to one of our gyms – or get on one of our bikes down at the gyms!