Schools Out

Keep Fit at the Gym in the School Holidays - NRG Gym Advice

School’s out (for what seems) forever! At least for many schools in the UK it’s the beginning of several weeks of holidays. And who doesn’t remember the joy felt at the start of the school summer holidays? Didn’t those holidays when you were a child just stretch on and on, days of endless fun…

That summer fun doesn’t have to end when you’re no longer at school though. But it certainly helps with summery pastimes such as swimming and playing games in the garden or at the park if you’re fit and healthy.

If you’ve got children or are going to spend any time with the children of a relative or friend, you’ll know that you have to be up for it, or you’ll be left an exhausted heap on the ground.

So it makes sense to get fit down at the gym, and have some summer fun while you’re at it.

Here are some reasons we’d love you to join us – and get as fit as you were during those school summer hols!

  • There are well over 150 pieces of fantastic equipment and free weights.
  • We have two fantastic studios and more than 30 free exercise classes.
  • There’s a dedicated female area.
  • We have a special stretch-and-strength zone.
  • Our gym staff are the best and know pretty much all there is to know about getting fit – just ask!
  • Plus there’s free car parking 24/7.

Hope to see you soon – and help you towards looking the best you’ve ever looked in shorts!