Month: April 2019

National Walking Month

​The month of May is with us this week – and that means it’s National Walking Month. It’s been set up to encourage people to… you guessed it: walk! This is a great thing as we used to walk loads more. Even just a generation ago, we walked lots more than we do today.

The Benefits of Running

Of course you don’t have to run 26 miles through the capital to feel and see the many benefits of running. You can do this even if you’re just starting and half a mile is a great start – whether in the city, in a park, across the countryside or on a treadmill at our gyms (certainly the best option if it’s cold, wet and/or dark!).

Look After Yourself

​For the next seven days, it’s Sun Awareness Week. With good reason – despite all the awareness out there of the dangers of spending too long uncovered in the sun’s rays, nearly half of Brits who’ve taken a foreign holiday have got sunburnt. Even in the not very sunny UK more than a third have been burnt by the sun.

Easter Holiday

​You will have no doubt noticed that the Easter holidays are upon us! So Good Friday is this week and then there’s Easter Monday after that. In some places, Easter is actually called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday.

Walk to Work Day

​Forget about the car, bus or train when it’s Walk To Work Day on April 5th. Walking is an underrated activity, and one that we do much less today than previous generations. Time to step out in style and put that right!