The Benefits of Running

This coming Sunday it’s the London Marathon, definitely one of the world’s biggest running events since the first runners crossed the finishing line 38 years ago now.

Of course you don’t have to run 26 miles through the capital to feel and see the many benefits of running. You can do this even if you’re just starting and half a mile is a great start – whether in the city, in a park, across the countryside or on a treadmill at our gyms (certainly the best option if it’s cold, wet and/or dark!).

  • Running is great for you because:
  • It’s a fantastic mood-booster, releasing the brain’s feel-good chemicals as you move.
  • If you listen to music or even just the sounds around – whether that’s birdsong or the breeze – it can be very meditative, which is great for the mind (and so the body too).
  • It burns the most calories in comparison to other similar exercises.
  • It cuts the chance of developing chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, stroke and heart problems.
  • With apps now, you can shout out about your achievements on social media…!
  • Running with a friend or partner or as part of a group is fantastic for socialising, which is always beneficial to us.

If you’d like any running tips, please ask our friendly fitness experts at the gym.