National Walking Month

Walking Tips & Ideas - NRG Gym Health Advice

The month of May is with us this week – and that means it’s National Walking Month. It’s been set up to encourage people to… you guessed it: walk!

This is a great thing as we used to walk loads more. Even just a generation ago, we walked lots more than we do today.

That’s a major health concern as walking is actually one of the easiest ways to get fitter by keeping active and losing weight as you step out. Walking is also greatly relaxing – and it’s said that many of the best ideas that the world has known came during walking and pondering time!

Walking at a fast pace boosts circulation, lowers bad cholesterol levels, uses up calories, makes your heart stronger and builds stamina. Did you know that walking for half an hour a day lessens stroke and heart disease risk by just about a third?

Here then are some ideas for all of you walking-class heroes…

  • Walking after eating food is especially good for you as it aids digestion.
  • A walk in the park or in another natural setting such as the countryside is very beneficial for both mind and body. Be mindful.
  • Walk to the shops, work or to visit friends rather than getting in the car or on public transport.
  • Ditch the lift for the stairs.
  • As with running with a mate, partner or group, a walk together with others is great for socialising, which has mental health benefits and so physical health benefits too.

And you never know, while you’re walking (including on one of our gym’s treadmills) you might just have that great idea for the Next Big Thing!