Month: August 2018

Feel Encouraged

​Where does the time go? It’s already the Late Summer Bank Holiday… Well, at least we’ve had a summer this year, and what an uplifting thing it is, that orange ball of fire in a clear blue sky. It’s been great to just be able to chuck on some shorts and a T-shirt.

Test Yourself

Assuming the weather gives us at least some of the glorious sunshine it has this summer, or at least doesn’t rain, we’ll be treated to one of the most English things of England – Test cricket. For those not in the know on the art of cricket, Test matches are the highest level, completed between international teams.

Eat Fresh & Keep Fit

​It’s National Allotment Week this week. It was set up to remind us how beneficial an allotment can be for everyone. So if you have one, get down to it. Or if you know someone who does, ask them if you can help.

Dedicated to reach the levels

So let it be an inspiration for you to commit to get fit to Premiership levels this season. For instance, it’s reckoned the average player runs about seven miles in the 90 minutes of a match, and that will be at varying paces, with breaks between each sprint, trot or run.