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Health Benefits of Owning an Allotment - NRG Gym Advice

It’s National Allotment Week this week. It was set up to remind us how beneficial an allotment can be for everyone.

So if you have one, get down to it. Or if you know someone who does, ask them if you can help.

This week’s celebration of our nation’s allotments also acts as a reminder that we should aim to eat a diet that’s rich in healthy fruit and vegetables.

Eating healthily with these fresh foods will give both mind and body a brilliant vitamin and nutrient boost.

And did you know:

  • Just 15 minutes a day in the sunshine will increase vitamin D levels that are vital for healthy muscles, bones and teeth. (Remember to cover up and apply suncream if in the sun any longer than this, and be aware to avoid the hottest time of the day between 11am and 3pm.)
  • Half an hour spent working on an allotment can burn up to 150 calories.
  • Food grown in allotments is as fresh as it comes if you eat it on the same day as you pick it. That means it will contain much more vitamin and nutrient goodness, and you can choose to make sure it’s not been grown with the use of pesticides.
  • Eating fresh food gives you much more energy. Many packaged foods have little nutritional value. And fresh food tastes so much better too!

Healthy eating together with regular training will make you look and feel so much better. So come down and dig in at the gym with us!