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Challenges of Test Cricket - NRG Gym Health Advice

Assuming the weather gives us at least some of the glorious sunshine it has this summer, or at least doesn’t rain, we’ll be treated to one of the most English things of England – Test cricket. For those not in the know on the art of cricket, Test matches are the highest level, completed between international teams.

Two of the very best have been up against each other at various grounds around England this summer: that’s England and India. This week, weather permitting, we’ll see the result after a few days of battling it out on the pitch at Trent Bridge, just across the River Trent from the city of Nottingham.

Even if you’re not a cricket fan, there are many positive things to take from these batting and bowling sports stars.

  • Concentration. In Test cricket, it’s not just about scoring runs, which of course takes lots of focus in itself. Sometimes it’s about not getting bowled out, staying in for the team facing ball after ball for as long as possible. Pakistan’s Hanif Mohammad currently holds the wold record for this after batting in 1958 against the West Indies for an astounding 970 minutes – that’s more than 16 hours of sheer concentration! England’s Alastair Cook is third in the all-time longest batters so far and holds the record for this century after batting for 836 minutes (just under 14 hours) against Pakistan in 2015, when he had to focus on 528 balls – amazing!
  • Dedication. That leads us to the other end. Imagine being a bowler running up to chuck the ball at someone who you’ve not been able to bowl out for a few hours. You have to summon your inner strength, or just give up. Winners never give up!
  • Fitness & stamina. Forget a mere 90 minutes as in a football match; five days of Test cricket can clock up more than 30 hours of competitive action! Add to that, cricket is a summer sport, often played under the full heat of the afternoon sunshine… These Test cricket players are seriously fit!
  • Agility. If you’ve never watched any cricket, just have a look on YouTube at some of the sixes that have been hit and study the agility of the world’s best batsmen. Similarly, watch some of the astounding positions the greatest bowlers stretch to as they deliver ball after ball. And then, perhaps most stunning of all, check out some of the unbelievable lightning-reaction catches. Wow!

So there’s some assets that anyone who wants to reach peak fitness can learn and grown from: concentration, dedication, fitness & stamina, and agility. We hope to see you testing your health and fitness with us very soon.