Dedicated to reach the levels

Be Inspired by the Athletes - NRG Gym Health Advice

Football is back, with the new English season under way after the weekend’s FA Community Shield at Wembley Stadium.

Even if you’re sick as a parrot about football, football and yet more football, you can always admire the fitness levels of these top players. They have to be dedicated to reach the levels they’re at, without a doubt.

So let it be an inspiration for you to commit to get fit to Premiership levels this season. For instance, it’s reckoned the average player runs about seven miles in the 90 minutes of a match, and that will be at varying paces, with breaks between each sprint, trot or run.

So that’s definitely something to aim for on one of our treadmills. And our gyms are top of the league, with:

  • Two great studios and access to more than 30 free exercise classes.
  • A special stretch-and-strength zone.
  • More than 150 pieces of fantastic equipment and free weights.
  • No need for a contract or joining fee.
  • 24/7 opening and free car parking at all times.

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