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Mental Benefits of National Baking Week - NRG Gym Advice

We absolutely love this! National Baking Week starts today – and it’s not just about making mouthwatering baking creations: it’s about having fun and enjoying time together with your favourite people while you create and bake.

Plus of course, you can bake some really tasty food that will boost your health and give you an energy boost to get down that gym and make yourself super-fit! One of the big themes for this year’s National Baking Week is Family Time.

Here are some of the organiser’s tips for “Homemade Family Time”:

Make the time to bake. It doesn’t matter how long or little time you want to spend baking, the perfect recipe is always to bake a loaf of bread. Throw in loads of seeds and you’ll have a healthy loaf too. Plus that smell as it bakes in the oven… mmmmmm!

Let everyone get stuck in! From deciding on which recipe, to getting together the ingredients, and then weighing them out… then there’s mixing, stirring, kneading… There’s a job for everyone! (Don’t forget the eating too! Even then, the washing up…!)

Flour power! Get messy, the kids will love it, and it’ll bring a smile to your face too if you can forget about the tidying up for the time that you’re baking.

Enjoy the creative time together. Don’t let it get you stressed, instead make it a creative escape from the more tedious stuff in life.

Please, just bring us some of whatever you’ve baked when you visit the gym. That is all we ask…