Water Wins

Cellulite Busting Tips this Summer - NRG Gym Health Advice

It’s June and that means it’s officially British summertime! So we usually get at least a few weeks of weather that’s warm enough to ditch our jackets and swap trousers for shorts.

However, that can mean showing the dreaded dimples of cellulite – when the skin has a lumpy look, often likened to orange peel!

Mostly on the thighs and bum, it can also show up on the chest and anywhere really that the fat deposits pushing through connective tissue beneath the skin decide to show up.

Here are our cellulite-busting tips:

  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and veg – they contain the most antioxidants to help our bodies rid itself of bad toxins that can slow down our circulation.
  • Avoid biscuits, cakes, meats, sugar and cheese. They’re packed with bad ingredients that can cause bad toxin excess.
  • For the same reason (and a million more for your overall health), quit smoking!
  • Excess fluid is thought to lead to cellulite, so ditch drinking too much coffee, tea, cola and booze. These drinks can limit oxygen and nutrients from reaching the skin. Drink several glasses of water every day.
  • A cold shower (if you can face it!) is fantastic for boosting your circulation.

Exercise is also a great cellulite-buster. It helps you tone up everything, lose weight and boost circulation – all beneficial to you in every way including getting rid of any unsightly orange-peel skin…