Try Fish

Try Fish this National BBQ Week - NRG Gym Health Advice

National BBQ Week returns for a 23rd time this week. So fingers crossed for good weather, let’s get BBQing!

The UK’s love of BBQs continues to thrive – from 9 million occasions in 1997 to an estimated 137 million in 2018!

Even since 1997 things have changed a lot: in early days the British BBQ pioneers would often serve up something that left us wondering if it was the charcoal or an actual burger in our buns…!

Here’s our healthy BBQ guide:

  • Scrub your grill before and after use to avoid transferring cleaning chemicals – and so that it won’t breed germs.
  • Ensure you don’t burn any foods cooked on your BBQ. If there are any burnt black bits, pick or cut them off – and throw them away.
  • Don’t leave foods baking in the sun – unless you really fancy a stomach upset caused by E. coli or salmonella bacteria… Keep all foods in the fridge until just before they’re ready to be cooked. Make sure anything cooked is also eaten immediately, while it’s still warm from the BBQ – and not warm because it’s been left sat around baking in the sun…
  • Fish is much healthier than meat, so try BBQing such as salmon. If you do cook meat, chop off any fat before you BBQ it.

So have loads of fun BBQing, but remember these rules for healthy eating. And if you happen to eat too much, you know where we are…