Routine, routine, routine…

Gym Routine

Why is routine important when it comes to the gym? You are more likely to stay committed to the gym if you are going at the same time each week on the same days. It becomes a part of your weekly, daily routine and means you are less likely to wake up or get home from work and say ‘not today, I’m too tired’ because you have it set in your mind that this is the time you go to the gym. You also know the days that you aren’t going to be working up a sweat and can have a day to relax those muscles.

Whilst keeping the days you go to the gym consistent can help improve your Are you finding that your routine whilst at the gym is boring you, not giving you the workout that you want? Try mixing up your routines to work on different parts of your body and master different exercises. So each month come up with a set of exercises that are different on each day that you train; one day you may want to focus on your legs, the next on your upper body, then a mixture of the two. Then finish each routine with a burst of high-intensity cardio to really get your heart pumping. This gives you a chance to work on your entire body each week, master each exercise and hold back the boredom as you know that you will be mixing it up next month.