National Work Life Week

Importance of a Work Life Balance - NRG Gym Health Advice

This week it’s National Work Life Week that’s been created as a chance for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and the vital but often overlooked work-life balance. In today’s bustling modern world it’s something so many of us definitely need to keep in mind.

Organised by Working Families, the UK’s leading work-life balance charity, it helps working parents and carers and their employers find a better balance between home and work responsibilities. For instance, it encourages employers this week to provide activities for staff, and to show flexible working policies and practices. If your boss doesn’t know about it, let them know…

One thing that all too often gets lost in the work-life balance is staying fit and healthy. Of course that’s no good for us and will actually hinder anyone’s work and family time anyway. Especially if you’ve got young kids who demand you run around with them for a few hours every day, you’ll fully understand!

NHS experts have highlighted how the wrong work-life balance has a bad effect on our health and fitness:

Stress levels go up. Our minds work for too long periods. Our mental health suffers. Mental health is connected to physical health.

Eating routines are often bad as, for instance, we eat while rushing and on the go.

Exercise is missed and too much sitting at a desk was never any good for anyone.

Family life suffers and with it the sense of wellbeing from enjoying time together.

Sleep is not the necessary seven hours – and it is often restless sleep anyway…

Concentration is reduced – which means it takes longer to get things done and they’re not done as well either.

Sickness is more likely and longer recovery time as our body’s defences are down due to stress and poor sleep.

So NHS experts suggest you don’t work so much, take the breaks you should, go for regular walks that are beneficial for both mind and body, have fun with friends and family, sleep well and for long enough – plus exercise for at least 30 minutes for five days every week.

With that in mind, we hope to see you soon!