Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

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Stroke them, walk them, tickle their tummies, snuggle up with them! This week on Wednesday it’s Love Your Pet Day!

So that’s the day to spoil them even more than usual! You need to give thanks for the health boost our furry friends give us too…

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure. People who own pets have significantly lower cholesterol levels than those who don’t have pets. If you have a dog or cat around, your blood pressure is lower as well – much related to reducing stress…
  • Decrease stress and boost mood. In an American study, researchers discovered that when carrying out a stressful task, people were less stressed when their pets were with them than when a partner, family member or friend was on hand…
  • Pain relief. If you’re hurting, stroke your dog and you’ll hurt less! “Pet therapy” is a growing method of healing help that uses dogs and some other animals to help people recover from or cope more easily with both physical and mental health problems. So, for instance, they use dogs to help patients in recovery from such as surgery – and even soldiers coping with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Help socialising. A recent Austrian study found pet ownership led to an increase in socialisation, which boosts good feelings. So walk your dog and get chatting away to make some new friends!

If you don’t have a pet, why not visit a friend with one or call in at the local RSPCA or animal rescue centre to arrange a visit – and give a donation of money or pet food while you’re there too. Or even ask about volunteering for them, to help the animals and give yourself a positive well-being boost at the same time.

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