Life-changing benefits of sport

Life Changing Benefits of Sport - NRG Gym Health Advice

Too many young people are missing out on the life-changing benefits of sport that would improve their health, wellbeing – plus give them skills to thrive. To turn this around, National School Sport Week (NSSW) this week wants schools, teachers, parents and everyone else to join together and show why exercise and sport has a vital role to play in every person’s development.

People can register to receive a toolkit containing ideas about how to make the most of the week, as well as info to help you think about how you can showcase your activities through PR and social media.

This year’s National School Sport Week is also partnering with endurance athlete Ben Smith. He’s an inspiration for certain! His next endeavour will see him running marathons in 50 US states and cycling between them too. He’s aiming to finish the 18,500 mile trek in 104 days – during next year’s National School Sport Week.

To register, visit:… Remember you can also join in with the conversation using #NSSW on social media.

And whatever your age, you’re never too old to vow to get fit – and then to get and stay fit! There are people of all ages at our gyms who are the fittest they’ve ever been.

In fact, many people in the UK say they are fittest in their 30s. People aged 30-39 rate themselves as most fit as they regularly exercise and eat a diet with lots of fruit and veg.

Whatever your age though, it’s all in the mind. That starts with making a decision to get fitter…