Just four weeks left!

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Just four weeks left!

Every year it seems to come round even more swiftly. Yes, it’s only a month until the big day of too much: too much dinner, too much drinking, too much television. And usually not enough exercising or healthy living…

Another something there is probably too much of is photos and videos. Permanent reminders of too much dinner, too much drinking, too much television, not enough exercising or healthy living… Posted all over social media for everyone to see forever!

The good news is, you’ll be surprised what a significant difference a month can make for your health and fitness, to pull in that stomach and get those muscles tightened. But it means you need to start your exercise regime now.

It also means that too much on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and many other days around this holiday period won’t set you back as much. If you happen to overdo it, just a few gym sessions and you won’t even see any evidence that you ate ten mince pies in one afternoon…

So give yourself the best gift you possibly can, the gift of your health and fitness – and come down to one of our gyms to get yourself toned up.