Hit the gym with your mum

Remember at all costs that it’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday! We are sure most of us never forget this date, wanting to give a great big hug and thanks to our brilliant mums.

Mother’s Day started out as a Sunday when people would visit their “mother church”, that’s the one where they were baptised. When people did this, they often coincidentally saw their mums at the same time. From there it’s become what we know today.

Of course, today we like to give out cards and gifts on the day to show our gratitude for everything our mums have done for us. If you’re still thinking of something, how about a gym membership for your mum?

  • We offer more than 30 free fitness classes.
  • You’ll find more than 150 pieces of free weights and equipment.
  • We have special stretch and strength zones.
  • There are two fantastic studios.
  • There’s free parking 24/7 for our gyms – which are open 24/7!

We’d love to see you – and your mum – this week!