Healthy time for yourself

Keep Motivated this Autumn & Winter - NRG Gym Health Advice

One more week to go, one more week of sorrow, one more week at this old dump and we’ll be home tomorrow!” It’s the traditional song chanted by students at this time of year, when the excitement of the Christmas holidays is just around the corner.

Just seven days from now, some schools will already be starting those holidays. Although for some schools it’s four or five days later, the festive spirit is already in the air…

So if you have children or friends or relatives with children, it’s your final chance to get down to the gym to make sure you can keep up with them. It’s also a great opportunity to make preparations for active things to do with children during the holidays, activities that will burn some of their seemingly endless energy.

These are fun activities that will get you fit too:

  • Go for a long walk in the countryside or in a park.
  • Get the bikes out and go for a ride together.
  • Visit museums, healthy for body as you walk around and healthy for mind as your see and learn.
  • Get the decorations out to put up together. It’s fun and bonding, and you’ll do some good stretching exercises!
  • If you can, walk to the homes of friends and family to personally deliver Christmas cards. It will keep you fit and cheer the spirits!

But of course, make sure you have a bit of healthy time for yourself. The friendly staff at our gyms are waiting to welcome you!