Health Declaration Agreement

You declare and acknowledge that:

  1. I understand that all sports or fitness that I will execute and participate in within the facility or whilst live online are entirely at my own risk and perils. I assume complete responsibility and liability for those risks and for the injuries that may occur as a result of these risks, even if injuries occur in a manner that is not foreseeable at the time, I sign this agreement. I realize that by voluntarily assuming the risks involved, I will be solely responsible for any loss or damage I sustain, including personal injuries to me, damage to my property.
  2. I confirm that I take part voluntarily in fitness classes and weight training using gym equipment with the aim of improving my fitness, strength and flexibility. I understand that cardiovascular activities are designed to place an increasing workload on the heart and lungs to help improve their efficiency. I understand that I am responsible for monitoring myself throughout the class and weight training. Should any unusual symptoms occur, I should stop.
  3.  There is always a risk of injury when we exercise. I understand the risk of my participation and I have read this form and I understand the nature of the exercise class(es) I plan to attend. 
  4. Our staff, agents and subcontractors’ personal trainers are not medically trained, and should you have any concerns with your health and fitness you should seek independent medical advice before engaging in any physical activity on our premises, or online live.