Happy New Year! Almost

Why Should I Give Dry January a Go? NRG Gym Health Advice

Happy New Year! Wishing you a year beyond your wildest dreams in 2019!

Now is the ideal time to give yourself a great health boost that will be the foundation for the rest of this year – try going dry.

Dry January is Alcohol Concern’s campaign in which the UK charity – that works to reduce the nation’s alcohol harm – urges people to give up the booze for 31 days. (There’s even a Dry January App that makes it all that bit easier.)

The benefits are fantastic, and it shouldn’t take that much persuasion to most people. Especially as for many there’s likely to have been a little too much alcohol drank a little too often over Christmas and celebrating the New Year.

Remember too; alcohol is Britain’s most significant factor for ill-health, disability and death among those under the age of 50. Here are some other facts to encourage you to go dry for the next four weeks:

  • No hangovers to ruin the next day.
  • Your skin will look much better.
  • Your guts will thank you for the break from booze.
  • You will probably lose weight.
  • You’ll have more energy as your sleep will be better.
  • You won’t be spending money on booze – and around these days is not cheap, is it?
  • You’ll feel on top of the world for reaching your aim of drinking no alcohol for a month.
  • It’s an opportunity to see that life can be fun without alcohol, that you can still be social – and that there is plenty of life outside the pub! It might even lead you to try something new that you love.

As well, you’ll feel much more ready for your training at the gym and more likely to stick to your plans to train. So we hope to see you soon.