Happy Christmas everybody!

Benefits of a Christmas Dip in the Sea - NRG Gym Advice

Now we know you’ll not be sitting round watching TV and eating too much – when you could be taking a dip in the icy British seas! Christmas Day is when thousands flock to see courageous and somewhat crazy swimmers run and dive into the sea for the Christmas Swim.

Some do it for a challenge, others in fancy dress, and many to raise money for a worthy charity of their choice. So it’s a cause that’s definitely worth supporting. Even if you weren’t planning on taking an icy dip, how about going along and giving a cheer!

But did you know, cold water on your body is good for you because:

  • It will improve your blood flow as you’ll get a rush of blood to your organs, to ensure they stay warm enough and are functioning.
  • Your endorphins will rush out too – the body’s natural painkillers. So having a dip will make you feel high!
  • It boosts your immune system. It’s thought this is because the body responds in the first instance at the rush of cold as if it was an “attacker” – so the body’s defences charge! This keeps them fit.
  • Swimming in cold water means your body will have to work twice as hard – not only are you using muscles but your system is making sure you stay warm enough to survive too. This all means you’ll burn more calories, so lose weight more swiftly.

Plus afterwards you’ll really be deserving of treating yourself. But if you don’t fancy thawing out after an ice-cold swim every day, check out what our gyms have to offer!