GyM Buddies

Get a Gym Buddy for Friendship Day - NRG Gym Health Advice

It’s Friendship Day (Tuesday, July 30). What a great thing to celebrate, as who doesn’t love being with friends?

We see loads of friends together at our gyms. Here are some fantastic reasons to get together like this:

  • You’ll encourage each other to go the the gym, and push each other to achieve more while there. It boosts commitment and dedication.
  • Friends can teach each other new training techniques, and watch how each other is doing.
  • Exercises such as medicine ball passes need two people!
  • Training with a friend who you see as fitter than you in any way will boost your own training as you strive to get just as fit (and maybe even fitter than them…!).
  • You can celebrate reaching goals together.
  • It’s loads more fun!

We also see a great deal of our gym visitors make new friends, including with our gym staff – so come along with your friends and find some new friends too!