Good Friday and the Easter holidays are nearly with us


By now you’ve most likely already got your chocolate Easter eggs ready to scoff this coming weekend. Good Friday and the Easter holidays are nearly with us.

The significant of eggs as well as cute little fluffy chicks and bunnies at Easter is all to do with new life. More specifically it is connected with the resurrection of Jesus.

But you don’t have to be religious to realise that with the summer not far away, now is the ideal time for a new you in health and fitness terms. Even if you’re already in fantastic physical shape, there’s always room for improvement.

And if you’re anything like most of us, you might just need to burn off some of those Easter egg chocolatey calories!

So here are several reasons why we’d love you to join our team at the gym:

  • There are more than 150 pieces of excellent equipment and free weights.
  • There’s a special stretch and strength zone.
  • We have two great studios with access to more than 30 free exciting exercise classes.
  • Our gyms have been designed for people who want to join a fantastic gym with state-of-the-art equipment at an unbeatable price.
  • There’s no need for a contract or joining fee.
  • We have free car parking!

Our gyms in Gravesend and Watford are open 24 hours/7 days a week – and you can always be assured of the warmest welcome.