Environmental Policy

At NRG Gym, the management and staff recognise that a clean and safe environment is key to enhancing and sustaining our quality of life.

Social, economic and environmental issues are interwoven and of equal importance. We realise that NRG’s own activities impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to monitor, manage and minimise these impacts. In order to do this we shall:

Commit to comply with all relevant environmental protection laws and where possible go beyond minimum standards.

  • Commit to commencing an Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • Wherever possible, source products and services within a 5 mile radius of the gym in order to reduce vehicle movements and minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Wherever possible, employ staff from the local community to stimulate the local economy and minimise the environmental impacts of commuting.
  • Purchase energy efficient equipment for use in the gym.
  • Reduce environmental impact by minimising all our wastes, improving recovery and recycling and using increasingly scarce resources efficiently.
  • Conserve our water resources through the adoption of water saving initiatives.
  • Commit to reducing CO2 emissions resulting from our activities by tracking our carbon impacts.
  • Communicate effectively with our stakeholders and clients to ensure that we meet their environmental requirements.
  • Develop the awareness of this policy with our direct suppliers, partners, staff and clients.
  • Check and review continually this policy to ensure that all our efforts, and those of our direct partners, are effective.
  • Produce an annual report which describes how we are managing our environmental impacts and make this available electronically or in paper.

We believe that through this policy we can become a more responsible member of the local and global community.