Celebrate the Veg

Eat Fresh for National Allotment Week - NRG Gym Advice

It’s National Allotment Week – to celebrate how important allotments are for us all.

Allotments have countless benefits, including healthy fresh fruit and veg, physical exercise of planting and so on, fresh air and bringing people together. Eating healthily – as with allotment foods – will definitely give your mind and body a boost.

This year’s theme is “Shared Harvest” to celebrate the fact that plot-holders share their crops with family, friends, colleagues and worthy causes, including food banks. Each plot in the UK can benefit up to eight people!

Here are the best benefits:

  • Eating fresh food gives you much more energy. Plus fresh food tastes much better! Food grown in allotments is as fresh as it comes – and that means it will contain much more vitamin and nutrient goodness.
  • Just 15 minutes a day in the sunshine increases vitamin D levels that are vital for healthy muscles, bones and teeth.
  • Thirty minutes spent on an allotment can burn up to 150 calories.
  • There’s no doubt that if you combine healthy eating with regular training you’ll feel and look much better.

We hope to see you with us very soon, at one of our gyms where our staff can show you the best exercises for you as well as giving nutritional tips.