Autumn Equinox

Get down to the Gym this Autumn - NRG Gym Health Advice

On Monday at 8.50am: the Autumn Equinox – so it’s officially autumn. Yes, already…

While it does mean shorter daylight hours are creeping in and so too is colder weather, it does also mean we can look forward to stunning colours as leaves turn shades of orange, red and yellow, before dropping off for us to rustle through on the footpaths. Then there’s getting warm and cosy indoors, and sitting by a real fire in the pub.

It also means rediscovering some of your favourite jumpers, coats, hats, gloves and scarves. And a great excuse to treat yourself to something brand-new!

With the new season why not also treat yourself to some health and fitness time? Start training this September and you’ll soon feel the benefits: by winter you’ll be feeling and looking fantastic!

Too many people think they can just let themselves go because they can hide it all beneath the bulk of clothes. But it’s not just about that, you surely want to be the best you there is, someone who not only looks and feels good, but a person who is not limited by being unfit and unhealthy.

So we really hope to see you hanging up your autumnal jackets here at one of our gyms, and getting into some fantastic fitness action.