National Bed Month

Importance of Sleep on Your Health - NRG Gym Health Advice

Throughout the merry month of March, it’s National Bed Month. Organised by The Sleep Council, it aims to remind everyone why a good sleep is superbly beneficial for good health.

There are many positive reasons for ensuring a sound sleep. Firstly, not enough sleep makes for a grizzly bear: we’re all much more irritable when we’re tired.

Then there’s the fact that our minds work better when refreshed. So do our bodies. There’s also much less chance of getting ill as our body’s defences are stronger from recharging while we sleep. As well, your hair, eyes and skin will look much better.

So here are some top tips for a great night’s kip.

Too hot or too cold means your sleep is likely to be disturbed. A temperature of 16-18°C is best.

Avoid bright lights at bedtime: that means lights in the bedroom – but also if you look at a TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone or have a digital display clock. So ambient lighting only, until the dark…

Make your room as dark as possible using a blackout blind or curtains, or an eye mask.

Be comfy. A study found that by switching an uncomfortable mattress to a new comfy one meant more than 40 minutes of extra sleep on average! As well, make sure bedding is fresh, soft and cosy.

Remember that reds, yellows and oranges are not sleep-inducing, so choose your bedroom decoration wisely. Blue, purple and moss-green are good colours for bedrooms.

Lavender and germanium are calming smells, so some essential oils made from these can help you nod off.

Also, clear your mind before you get in the bedroom. It should never be a place for work or problem-solving.

We always find a good workout at the gym earlier in the day or evening helps too…