Workout how you want to with no restrictions


To every member of TRIBE NRG

It’s been a long road but as of July 19th we are celebrating #FREEDOMDAY with the lifting of restrictions in all our gyms and all in line with the latest Government guidelines.

The response from TRIBE NRG since we re-opened has been outstanding! We have so many examples of members supporting each other and our staff to keep the gyms clean and safe and while restrictions will now be eased we ask that everyone in the gym continues to use the hand sanitiser regularly and clean the equipment after use so we keep the gyms as safe a space as possible.

The summary of all the changes that begin from July 19th is as follows;

  • The gyms are now fully operational with no restrictions on usage or access
  • We are running a full class timetable
  • Classes are back at maximum capacity
  • Saunas are open and back at capacity
  • With no restrictions on social distancing all our equipment is now available for you to enjoy
  • We will continue to provide hand sanitiser stations and recommend you regularly wash your hands
  • We will continue to provide cleaning equipment and ask you all still clean equipment after use

We know it’s been a long time coming and whilst we know so many members are excited to see restrictions lifted lets still work together to keep everyone in TRIBE NRG safe, healthy and proactively fighting this virus and all other illnesses through regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Thanks from everyone at Team NRG