The ‘C’ Word

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“Wow” or maybe it’s more like “jeepers”… Because it’s just a month now until Christmas Day.

It’s all too often for all too many of us a period of overindulgence that leaves our stomachs bulging like Santa Claus’s sack of toys when he sets off on the 25th December.

However, a significant defence against the bulge and bloat can be started right now. Get going at the gym and pull in that stomach and get all your muscles tightened – starting this week and you’ll really feel and see a positive difference come the day when Santa delivers.

You’ll then be able to enjoy Christmas festivities and into New Year’s Eve knowing that you’re ready. Of course, if you do overindulge, even one (but more is better!) gym session will get you feeling fit and healthy again.

We think the gift of health and fitness is the best gift of the season. That’s not just Christmas – but any season!

Hope to see you very soon.

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