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Don’t lose your way at Christmas!

We’ve all been there, eating everything in sight, because it’s Christmas! And there’s nothing wrong with letting yourself have some treats and enjoying yourself over …

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Gym Routine

Routine, routine, routine…

Why is routine important when it comes to the gym? You are more likely to stay committed to the gym if you are going at …

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It’s Underway

Already? Yes, there’s only around one more week until the Christmas school holidays get under way. For those with children, now is your last full …

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The ‘C’ Word

“Wow” or maybe it’s more like “jeepers”… Because it’s just a month now until Christmas Day. It’s all too often for all too many of …

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That’s right, Movember is a few days on the go now, and you may have noticed more men wearing various hirsute appendages below their noses, all in the name of a fantastic cause to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. You may be one of them and so right now are reading this while twiddling away with your new facial addition! Well done if that is you.

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Of course, it’s good to get scared once in a while as dopamine and adrenaline flood into us – and that increases the heart rate and muscles get a boost as we prepare for fight or flight. The dressing up and socialising are also great for our health and wellbeing, as being happy and having fun is a fantastic boost.

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Push Yourself

So it’s going to be getting dark in the afternoon, but it does mean autumnal splendour is with us, signalling the annual getting out and putting on of those favourite jackets, hats, gloves and scarves as well as cosy nights in.

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You are what you eat

This week it’s National Baking Week – so time to get baking!

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

World Mental Health Day is on 10th October. How we look after our bodies has a huge affect on how healthy our minds

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