Fast Food - Does it all have to be bad

Fast Food – Does it all have to be bad?

Does this even exist?! Yes, it does, just make sure you put a little thought into what you’re going to choose and you’ll find there …

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Konjac - The Wonder Food

Konjac – The Wonder Food

You may or may not have heard about this rather amazing, ancient plant that has become a great addition to the diet of many for …

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Bird Watching

Bird Watching?!

Yes, bird watching. The Big Schools’ Birdwatch runs from 6th January to 21st February, ok I hear you, what has this got to do with the gym?

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10 Energy-Boosting Foods

If you’re struggling to find the energy to push yourself to your full potential at the gym then why not try and add some energy-boosting …

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Why are the scales not moving?!

This happens to so many of us. You’ve been working hard at the gym and felt like you’re really making some headway, but then you …

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Don’t lose your way at Christmas!

We’ve all been there, eating everything in sight, because it’s Christmas! And there’s nothing wrong with letting yourself have some treats and enjoying yourself over …

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Gym Routine

Routine, routine, routine…

Why is routine important when it comes to the gym? You are more likely to stay committed to the gym if you are going at …

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It’s Underway

Already? Yes, there’s only around one more week until the Christmas school holidays get under way. For those with children, now is your last full …

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The ‘C’ Word

“Wow” or maybe it’s more like “jeepers”… Because it’s just a month now until Christmas Day. It’s all too often for all too many of …

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