Let’s Talk About Hygiene

Hand Being Washed In Water

When it comes to gym hygiene, it really should be common sense, but sometimes people need a little reminder about how to keep the gym a nicer place to be, for everyone. The recent coronavirus has given many people a bit of a boost with their hygiene and how to keep their germs to themselves.

So let’s outline a few simple ways to keep the gym clean and limit the spread of any little nasties you might be harbouring.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands when you get to the gym so that anything you might have touched, coughed or sneezed onto your hands won’t be spread to the surfaces in the gym. If you sneeze or cough into your hands while at the gym, wash your hands before touching things in the gym again. It is recommended that you cough or sneeze into your elbow to reduce the risk of germs spreading. Then rewash them before you leave so you limit what you might be taking home with you.

  1. Sanitise/Wipe Down Between Equipment

Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitiser around the gym with you to use between equipment; this will help get rid of bacteria on your hands and help protect from any that might be on the equipment before you have used it. You can also wipe down the equipment with cleansers or tissue provided by your gym.

  1. Be Foot Conscious

Bare feet can spread all sorts of bacteria and funguses, so it’s worth keeping your feet covered in these communal spaces. Do not take your shoes off to train and consider wearing flip flops in the shower to reduce the likelihood of picking up things like athlete’s foot. 

  1. Wear It Then Wash It

Wash your gym clothing after each session to make sure that bacteria doesn’t spread all over the gym the next time you go. Warm, moist clothing is an excellent place for bacteria to breed, so get it in the wash asap and have nice smelling, fresh clothes for your next trip to the gym.

  1. Shower Straight Away

After the gym, have a shower as soon as you can. Try not to lay on the sofa, the bed, touch all the surfaces in the house before having a good scrub down to wash off that great session you’ve just had. Start the rest of your day or evening fresh and clean.

This all probably sounds very basic to a lot of people, but a friendly reminder never hurts. See you fresh and clean in the gym soon!