Month: July 2019

On Ya Bike

​The magnificent Tour de France is now in its last week, and this Sunday sees who has ridden the best over more than 2,000 miles – covering a great variety of gigantic ups and downs.

Escape to the Gym

You probably know it whether you have kids of your own or not: school’s out for summer! For parents that means much more family time, but much less “me time”. For those without kids it means everywhere’s much busier and the noise levels reach sky-high!

Help from a PT

​This week sees the Wimbledon tennis finals that captivate much of the world. It usually leads to a burst of enthusiasm for playing the game, although for most people that doesn’t last too long…

It’s a good thing

​We all love this one – on Sunday 7th July it’s World Chocolate Day! Chocolate can contain big calories and heaps of sugar, but it has fantastic health benefits too. That’s certainly good news as it’s probably the most loved taste in the world.